As my summer internship is coming to an end I have been very busy. This means that I have had little time for relaxing and therefore managing my time properly has been key. Thus, I want to enjoy the little free time I have and in the meantime feel good about myself by wearing more fancy and edgy clothes, rather than casual attire. Therefore, I turn to one of my summer essentials: dresses in bright colours. For this post, I decided to share with you one of my favourite outfits from last week. I really love the contrast it creates, because unfortunately I am still not tanned, firstly because I spend most of my days working at home. And secondly because I live in the UK and summer as you know does not exist here. Basically, UK summer is a broad term that can occur in 5 minutes, tomorrow, for 5 days, after 3 months or never. Anyways…I hope you’ll enjoy this outfit. At the end, after all the photos, I have written all the brands that I am wearing, but you can find alternative choices here:


The look:

Dress: Loavies 

Sunglasses: Sunglass.LA

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Jacket: Designer

Shoes: Loavies

Jewellery: unknown 

Bag: Mango