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There are a few difficult questions for me. The first one being “What do you want to eat?” when I am extremely hungry. My mind starts to wander as I picture every meal I’ve ever eaten, seen on Instagram or the cooking channel. Should I experiment and go somewhere new and possibly hate it or should I go to my favorite place and order my favorite food until I start hating it. Do I want a double beef burger, a small salad, all you can eat sushi? Or possibly everything?

The second question is when somebody asks me details about something I am planning before it is even certain. This is the case in situation when I am planning something big and exciting. Of course I might give you a hint, but I can tell you everything or maybe I should let you wait until the big reveal? To be fair I usually wait until everything is certain in order to get the big “WOW” effect…but the struggle is still real.

And the third question is to define my style. Ever since I started my blog I have become more familiar with what I like in terms of fashion, what I would wear and what not. But having a blog has also helped me become more confident and start experimenting with different styles, patterns, colors…I feel as if my style depends on the season, the weather, the current fashion trends, what I have in my wardrobe, but before anything else: on what excites and inspires me. For example this outfit was influenced by one of my all time favorite TV shows: Gossip Girl. I hope you’ll like it.











xoxo Adriana