I know, I know. Summer is the time, when we have the opportunity to relax, enjoy our holidays and recharge our batteries. But this is not the case in ‘Adultville’.


Therefore, this blog post is particularly aimed at the readers that will be working during the summer, undertaking summer internships or to a lot of my friends, who have their exam session during the hottest summer months (Shoutout to all my friends studying their bachelor’s degree in Germany, I love you guys, you can do it). And as an individual who is currently doing an internship too, I decided to share 3 tips that help me stay motivated during these beautiful sunny days. Additionally, I have shared two discount codes for two amazing brands so make sure to check them out. 😉


Understand why you are doing what you are doing

This tip may sound very obvious and to some extend silly, but trust me on this one. A lot of the times we underestimate the importance of what we are doing. And because it is summer most of you are probably very distracted and lacking motivation. So why not take a moment to go over your responsibilities and task. Why are you doing an internship? What is the purpose behind it? Why do you spend hours in the library going over your readings? Why is it important? It could be because you want to gain valuable experience or so you can pass your upcoming tests or just so you can save up some money for your holidays. Once you find this reason you will realize why you have to keep your focus and continue giving your best.

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Have a goal

Once you have realized why you should keep focusing on your work and give your best, you will need to set a goal. This does not have to be particularly connected to your summer job/internship/etc. It can be everything you are looking forward to. For example, a holiday at the seaside, receiving your first paycheck, getting that dream body. Anything that makes you feel determined to get your workload sorted and finished with. After all, you don’t want to spend your leisure time constantly thinking about all of your unfinished work.

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Treat yourself

But let’s not forget that it is summer and we have been looking forward to sunshine and longer days since…probably last summer. Or I am sure most of us have. So do reward yourself with small treats from time to time. It can be anything from eating ice cream with your friends in the afternoon, to going to a cool club during the weekend to just reading a nice book in the park. But remember to make the best out of every moment this summer.