Hey, folks.

For this blog post I decided to talk about five essential and timeless clothing pieces that should be part of every female fashionistas’ closet.



You can’t argue that this is one of the most necessary pieces every girl must have in her wardrobe. Your ideal pants can come in every colour and shape. I personally prefer black slim fit, low waist pants, because they are very comfortable and go well with every style: from super sophisticated and chique to very laid back and sporty.



At first sight this might look like a piece of clothing that you would not wear on every occasion, and it definitely is not an example of something that would fit in with every style. Yet, a blazer will always be useful for us students and young professionals, especially, when you want to attend an important meeting or a job interview. For a more elegant look you should aim at a black blazer. This choice will definitely make you look fierce. What is more, you can make it more casual by putting a basic white t-shirt underneath it. Yet, if you want to make a fashion statement and stand out, then I would suggest going for colors that attract the eye such as bright red or pink.


White T-Shirt

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Yes, I know that you will probably think that this piece of clothing is rather boring and expected, but I will have to disagree with this. A white T-shirt is perfect for every occasion. You can make it fancier by adding a bright crossover bag, some silver accessories or a big scarf. Or you can just put on some colorful leggings and go to the gym looking stylish and yet feeling very comfortable.



If you have not been reading fashion magazines or following the fashion scene, then you might be confused by this abbreviation. LBD is one of the most unique pieces of clothing that every girl must have – the little black dress. It is such a prominent piece of clothing that most popular brands have special sections in their online shops dedicated to it. But who can blame them? It is one of those pieces of clothing that can find a place in your #ootd no matter what season it is. It’s cold? Put on your UGGs. It’s warm? Take your heart-shaped sunglasses. Going on a night out? Better put on your velvet pumps to match your LBD.


Your favourite shoes

Okay, so this point is very broad, but it is one of the clothing pieces that undoubtedly depends on the style you are aiming for. I have an undying love for a different number of shoe styles and colours, but my all-time favourite are sneakers. This is to such an extent that even having a filled shoe closet with the size of an apartment will not be enough for me. I can’t help it. Sneakers not only fit my style, but I never have to complain about comfort too.